5 W Questions For the Story of “Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing” From Genesis 27

Have you at any point felt that Esau wound up with the short end of the stick? His sibling outmaneuvered and hoodwinked him twice. With siblings like that, who needs foes? In any case, trust it or not, God utilized this tangled wreckage of occasions to convey all wonderfulness to Himself despite the fact that Jacob was an ace trickster.

Here are twenty-three 5 “W” questions – who, what, when, where, why and how – with their responses for the narrative of “Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing” found in Genesis 27:1-29. These inquiries can be utilized with both youthful youngsters and basic kids. Simply be prepared to change them a tad for the fitting age. You can likewise read a verse to start with, and afterward make the inquiry or you can read the entire section of Scripture and after that make the inquiries. Your more youthful youngsters may appreciate having some sort of manikin make the inquiries. Have a great time! Find more about historia de jaco.

Inquiries for the story “Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing”

1. What were the names of Isaac’s children?

Reply: Jacob and Esau. (Beginning 27:1,5)

2. For what reason could Isaac not see extremely well?

Reply: He was old and his eyes were turning sour. (Beginning 27:1)

3. Who did Isaac call for first?

Reply: He called for Esau. (Beginning 27:1)

4. What did Isaac ask his child, Esau, to do?

Reply: Go and chase some sustenance for him at that point set it up for him to eat. (Beginning 27:3-4)

5. Who was tuning in to Isaac when he was conversing with Esau?

Reply: Rebekah, his significant other. (Beginning 27:5)

6. Who did Rebekah converse with about what she got notification from Isaac?

Reply: She conversed with Jacob, her child. (Beginning 27:6)

7. Who did Rebekah need Jacob to comply?

Reply: She needed Jacob to obey what she needed him to do. (Beginning 27:8)

8. Where did Rebekah need Jacob to go?

Reply: To the rush of sheep to convey back a few goats to cook for Isaac. (Beginning 27:9)

9. For what reason did Rebekah need Jacob to take some sustenance to his dad, Isaac?

Reply: So that Isaac would favor Jacob rather than Esau. (Beginning 27:10)

10. Rebekah needed to trap Isaac into feeling that it was Esau who was presenting to him the nourishment. For what reason did Jacob figure her arrangement would not work?

Reply: Jacob said that Esau is shaggy, yet his skin is smooth. (Beginning 27:11)

11. What was Jacob perplexed would happen if his dad discovered that he was not Esau?

Reply: That Isaac would revile Jacob rather than favor him. (Beginning 27:12)

12. How did Rebekah dress Jacob?

Reply: She gave him Esau’s garments to wear and furthermore secured his hands and neck with goat hair. (Beginning 27:16-17)

13. Where did Jacob follow he got wearing Esau’s garments?

Reply: To Isaac, his dad. (Beginning 27:18)

14. What question does Isaac ask Jacob?

Reply: “Who are you, my child?” (Genesis 27:18)

15. Who did Jacob say he was?

Reply: He said he was Esau. (Beginning 27:19)

16. Where does Jacob say the supper originated from that he gave his dad?

Reply: From God. (Beginning 27:20)

17. For what reason did Isaac need to feel Jacob?

Reply: He needed to check whether it was truly Esau. (Beginning 27:21)

18. What did Isaac say was diverse in regards to his child?

Reply: His voice. (Beginning 27:22)

19. At the point when did Isaac favor Jacob?

Reply: After he had felt his hands. (Beginning 27:23)

20. What question did Isaac ask after he favored Jacob?

Reply: “Are you extremely my child Esau?” (Genesis 27:24)

21. How did Jacob answer the inquiry?

Reply: He lied and said he was Esau. (Beginning 27:24)

22. What did Isaac notice when he kissed Jacob?

Reply: His garments. (Beginning 27:27)

23. In the gift, who will bow down to Jacob?